December 17, 2004


Oliver North has a column showing up the MSM on just how biased it really is.

He compares and contrasts the media treatment given to two different stories about two very different Servicemen.

Go read it.

Ask yourself, why is one man "heroic", according to the MSM, for shirking his duty, while a TRUE hero who knowingly and willingly gave up his life to protect his brothers in arms live's is all but ignored?

The MSM is all too willing to broadcast anything embarrassing to the administration, but when there are stories of true heroism and self-sacrifice, there is an all but deafening silence. We The People must show the MSM that we. will. NOT stand for this obvious bias any longer. Hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook. Write them and let them know why you refuse to read/watch/listen to them any longer. Patronize only those news outlets that show ALL sides of an issue, and report just the facts and not their opinions.

Sgt. Rafael Peralta USMC, rest in peace. You made the ultimate sacrifice for your fellow Marines, may you be forever remembered with the honor you deserve. Semper Fi

Posted by Delftsman3 at December 17, 2004 08:25 PM

We can't say enough about the media and it's biased blame America first attitude and anarchist values. I wouldn't trade one marine's defecation for the entire News Media, they are not worthy. Rest in peace Marine.

Posted by: Jack at December 18, 2004 12:55 AM
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