December 21, 2004

A Time to Think

Sitting here, listening to some old Coltrain and trying to find something that strikes me worthy of a post.

Then it hit me, why not just go the stream of conciousness route and put out whatever dribble is on my mind? Maybe it will unblock the dam and rid me of this verdamt writers block that has afflicted me for the last couple of days.

I LOVE Coltrain, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker,and Dave Brubeck when I'm in a mood like this, nothing to do but let the music flow over you, around you, and through you.
Music is truly the balm of the soul, if you pick the right piece to match your mood.

I have very eclectic moment I may be listening to Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King", the next "White Room" by Cream. It's all good to me. Blues one minute, Rock the next and finish up with some really nice piece of Classical.

The only form that I have never found more than one or two things I Like to listen to is Rap. Rap is NOT music. I don't care for much Bluegrass either, but at least it IS music. Rap is Satans way to pervert the minds of it's listeners. Nothing but raw sex, unwarrented violence and pure hate, all done to a basic beat or some clown trying to use a mike as a drum. All music has an energy that affects the listener for good or ill, Rap is only pure negative energy.

Now I have that image in my mind, I need to go floss out my head.

Posted by Delftsman3 at December 21, 2004 07:44 PM

How about a plug Delfts?
We are American made.Songs about
Loud Guitars,fast cars,Faster Women,and freedom .
I love Coltrane,turned my old sax player onto him and he was never the same.
We are at 10 on Blues charts .
Rap it aint.Good music is a dying art.
It takes a long time to learn to play ,rap is musical fast food from the devil.
Support live music if its good....

Posted by: LC NEilV at December 22, 2004 03:09 AM
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