December 21, 2004

Still Hope?

Here is another entry on the Dutch awakening to the Islamic Fundementalist threat.

As I've stated before, the Dutch have what is arguably the most "tolerant" society on Earth. The Moonbats here have made a mantra of "if we just understand and tolerate the Muslims, they will understand that they have nothing to fear from us and we can sit down and sing Kum-Ba-Ya together in perfect understanding" Ask the residents of Schiedam just how far "tolerance" has to go before that happens.

If you "tolerate" to the point that you no longer have a cohesive, basic agreement on the limits/mores a society will agree on, you no longer have a society.

I find it encouraging that if the ultratolerant Dutch can be starting to "get it", maybe the rest of Europe may too, before it reaches the point of open warfare.

Posted by Delftsman3 at December 21, 2004 08:33 PM

As the saying go's everyone has a plan until they get punched, and the Dutch have had there pivotal moment.
The slaying of Van Gogh is there 9-11.
I hope that the good people of Holland have a long term memory.
I mean look at the folks in the states, who still think ,we can make nice with Islamist whacks ,who want no peace, only Jihad.
Some people belive 9-11 was our fault that our policys made the poor bastards hate us, that that killing innocents is acceptable.
Well, I say bollocks on that, I dont think letting Islamists take over and making Dhimmis out of there hosts wherever they are is acceptable, and I pray the free world wakes up to the dangers of fundamentalists.
I love the Netherlands and hope they rise to the occasion so they may protect the free and tolerant society they have built.

Posted by: NeilVanEerde at December 22, 2004 03:02 AM

I was just thinking about "tolerance" today. I "tolerate" the cold. Which means I put up with it, but don't like it. The prophets of "tolerance" don't actually want tolerance, they want permission. Big difference.

If we tolerated the Muslims, they would still kill us. If we give them permission (the LLL way), they will still kill us. If we decide we don't want to put up with that crap anymore, we get to start killing them.

It's always better to be the hammer than the nail. The hammer takes less damage.

Posted by: the Humble Devildog at December 24, 2004 03:56 AM
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