December 22, 2004

A New Paradigm?

Thanks to Sir George Turner(you need to cut back on work and post more on your OWN site George!) for sending Mama a link to a two and a half hour power point presentation of Thomas P.M. Barnett, a senior Analyst/Professor for the Navy War College.

Mr. Barnetts contention is that we must develop a new paradigm in dealing with other countries in the face of Globalization. He proposes that, while the US is undoubtedly number one in the world in the capability of projecting military force, we are woefully inadequate in securing a stable long term peace after the conflict is won, and that, in essence, it takes a "global village", working in unision, to effect a stable peace.

He avers that we are dealing in the world by how we want it to be, not how, in reality, it really is. And that misalignment of views is dangerous to our national security.

At first I found myself resistant to some of his ideas, thinking them just a reiteration of Leftist Moonbat ideas of a Global Community singing Kum-Ba-Ya in perfect harmony. But in furthur listening to him I found that Mr. Barnett is hardly a Leftist Moonbat, he is a hardheaded realist. Yes, some of his ideas at first glance seem to smack of a Idealists vision, but he backs up his contentions in a cogent, realistic way, and what is even more unusual, he provides a step by step road map of how to achieve his vision of the world. He admits that it won't be easy, but that it is inevitable, and the big question is, how much pain it will take before it is achieved.

I think that his ideas merit serious study and consideration.

I put his web site at the top of my "People that make me think" blogroll, and I will be visiting it often.

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