December 28, 2004

Tribute, Part Two

Here's another E-mail from Brandon.

The Story:

Claire Elizabeth Bailey was a friend of mine (a best friend's best friend) that was tragically lost in a car accident on April 18, 2003. She was on her way home from college, driving out to her parent's lake house, driving 35 in a 35, seat belt on, hydroplaned in the rain. She got hit by a Chevy Van on the passenger's side...she was doing everything right. Everything worked in her favor...yet still, the Lord called on her hand...and took her to her final resting place.

I was working really late one night and I sat down with a pen in my hand and saw a scratch piece of paper sitting in front of me. I don't know why but I was compelled to write down my feelings...I started and the whole thing just flowed from my brain to my fingers, from pen to paper. What was really weird is I hadn't written anything "poetic" since 7th grade...

The Poem:


I sit here and think
As the rain hits the ground
My heart rests empty
Loneliness is around

The room echoes
With every word I whisper
There is no doubt in my mind
That I should be with her

She left quickly, quietly
Tiptoed through the night
Left it all behind
Vanished out of sight

The news ate at my heart
Like a plague-ridden rose
Tore through my soul
Worse than anything I've known

I'd like to ask why
But I know the answer
He called upon her hand
For he has his follower

What once was an angle on earth
Is now a star shining bright
She looks out over us
And protects with all her might

Darkness falls on this world of mine
Without her just the same
But knowing her light shines brightly above
Calms and soothes my pain

As I travel on my journey
I know we'll never part
She will be there by my side
Holding the key to my heart


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