December 31, 2004

Brady BS

Here's what the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence thinks of those of us who choose to avail ourselves of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms: we're "overexcited and underintelligent".

I have owned at least one firearm since the age of 15, at the present time, I have 3 handguns, 1 shotgun, and 5 calibers ranging from .22 to .303; and in the 35 years of owning those weapons, not ONCE have I ever felt the urge to fire any of those weapons indiscriminatly into the air in celebration of any event, nor have I known ANY of my fellow gun owners of my aquaintence to so so (I assure you, IF any had, I would no longer be friends with them!)

Has it happened? Yes, I'm sure it has. There are always idiots who will do stupid things, but to use such a wide brush to paint all gun owners as capable of such idiocy is just plain stupid, and in contradiction of facts.

This is just another ploy directed at those that already belong to the GFW* crowd, to attempt to further the agenda of the Brady group to end private ownership of all weapons.

(*Gun Fearing Wienie)

Posted by Delftsman3 at December 31, 2004 05:00 AM

They'd hate to look in my gunsafe.

Posted by: Satan at December 31, 2004 02:23 PM

Ulululululululululul bang,bang,bang,Its only celabratory Gunfire whats the Prob? I am celebrating Yassirs death again Lol

Posted by: LCNeilV at December 31, 2004 02:31 PM
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