January 27, 2005

The EU Idiotarian disease is infective

I have always been proud of my Dutch heritage. The Dutch have long had a reputation for being the most tolerant society in europe, allowing for the most individual freedom possible, but then I saw this article via Acidman, and I can only conclude that the Idiocy that is the main product of the EU is infecting my beloved homeland.

Just by WHAT twisted logic could someone engaged in illegal activities take business deductions on the tools used in those activities?!?

I'm waiting for something similar to this happening in Kalifornia or Washington state. The way it's going, I may not have to wait long. In the meantime, I can only feel embarrassed for the country of my birth, I sincerly hope that Dutch common sense will reassert itself soon and put an end to lunacy such as this.

Posted by Delftsman3 at January 27, 2005 02:13 AM

You're right on about Washington State, imagine your refusing a fiscal audit of expenses, or your trying to pass off a Hawaiian Vacation as a business expense to the IRS. Washington State has refused to allow the state auditor to check the books for 12 successive years. Criminal activity is indeed rewarded through internal corruption, lack of accountability and downright fraud. The EU has nothing over Washington State.

Posted by: Jack at January 27, 2005 02:37 AM
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