January 27, 2005

Islamic Fundementalism

Many on the Left claim that Terrorism is a result of US policies in the Mideast, some going so far to claim that US policies are fronts for policies formulated by the Iraeli government, but when you listen to what terrorists such as Musab Al-Zarqawi and Osama bin Ladin himself, have to say about the conflict between radical Islam and the US:

Blockquote>"We have declared a fierce war on this evil principle of democracy and those who follow this wrong idiology" "Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion, and that is against the rule of God"

and Osama bin Laden himself:

"Anyone who particpates in these (Iraqi) elections...has committed apostasy against Allah." "Those( that aid the elections) are apostates who should not be prayed over upon their deaths. They can not inherit, and they must not be inherited from after their deaths. Their wives are divorced from them, and they must not be buried in Muslim cemeteries".

The intellectual founder of the current radical Islamic movement, Sayyid Qutb, wrote in 1957:

In the world, there is ONLY ONE PARTY, THE PARTY OF ALLAH;ALL OF THE OTHERS ARE PARTIES OF SATAN AND REBELLION. Those who believe FIGHT IN THE CAUSE OF ALLAH;and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of (satan) the rebellion"
(emphasis mine)

Check out Memri.org and you can find any number of statements from Islamic organizations declaring that democracy is an "atheist" heresy, and that anyone participating in it is, Ipso Facto, an "infidel" and/or a "heretic".

Read the Queran to see what is expected to be done by the Faithful to to anyone who is considered to be a member of those hated groups.

Still believe that this is a fight against policies? Or is it something more akin to a war between two totally incompatible idiologies? A war that was brought home to us on our own shore on 9/11?

I believe the latter, because I take the enemy at their word when they come right out and state their agenda; nothing less than the eradication of every priciple I hold dear and replacing it with a tyranical theocracy.

The battleground at present is Iraq, but if you look at the increasing frequency and escalating manner of terrorist actions in Europe, it's obvious that the Islamist's ultimate goal is a world-wide Islamic State.

The citizens of Iraq have a choice to make on Sunday; between starting a (admittedly) long, painfull process towards some form of democratic self rule and a total theocracy ruled by outside Mullahs that brook no dissent from their rigid form of rule.

To those that say that "the US is imposing our will on only two states (Iraq and Afghanistan) and ignoring other theocratic regimes", I would point out that Iraq and Afghanistan are only the first step in our stradegy, with the end goal, that if a democratic rule can be established in those two states, the citizens of the other tyranies in the area will take it upon themselves to gain the same freedom for themselves, and not be forced to it from outside at great cost and blood to us.

OUR ultimate goal is nothing less than the democratization of the whole Middle East. Democracy NOT necessarily in the same form as ours, but in the manner suited to the people and culture of the area. The reason we wish this? Because history shows us that democratic states are much less likely to engage in war/terrorism than dictatorships and theocracies. Boiled down to it's simplest, it's proactive self defense.

And to those that claim Israel is an "aparteid state"....just tell me how it is that those arab citizens of Israel enjoy all the same rights, INCLUDING holding elective office as any other Israeli if it WERE such a state? There are Arab Muslim's ,freely elected, in the Knesset.

The ONLY distinction between Arab and Jewish citizens in Israel is that Arabs are not required to serve in the IDF, while Jewish citizens are required to serve for at least two years.

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