February 01, 2005

Some random thoughts

"So far, we've lost about 1500 in Iraq. Today, over 8,000,000 voted. When each of the fallen closed their eyes for the last time, they bought 5333 fellow humans a chance to taste freedom for the first time in their lives."Instapilot

While each one of those 1500 lives were more precious than we could ever hope to repay the sacrifice of, it is a stark reality that "freedom is never free".
1 to 5333 is still a painful cost, but one that freedom demanded,and lower than it could have been.

It makes it all the more difficult for me when I hear such "scions" of American government like Senator ""Splash" Kennedy and John "I was in Viet Nam.."Kerry spout their doom and gloom anti-americanisms, to not just desire to place a well aimed round between their eyes.

The answer to the question "was it worth it" won't be known for quite some time yet. IF democracy takes tenious root in the M.E., my answer would be YES, but if we follow the lead of the above mentioned appeasers of terrorism, it just may yet be that they died for a noble ideal negated by our own fifth column. That would be a shame that all of us must bear for allowing the appeasers license to conduct their campaign of partisian hatred.

Posted by Delftsman3 at February 1, 2005 09:35 PM
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