February 04, 2005

The French Connection

Hmmm Is THIS really a surprise?

Other than the fact that they were caught fighting instead of surrendering?

Although, as the details are still sketchy..... it just may be that the Islamofacists were surprised when their brave French recruits exhibited the French prediliction in battle situations:

Ahmed:" Allah Akbar! Though we die, we die in Jihad. Allah be praised!

Rene bin dum: "DIE?!? Sacre Bleu!, they never said DIE in the Mosque de Paree!"

Ahmed: "be brave, you are a soldier of Allah, they kill your body, but your spirit lives on in Paradise, remembered forever in glory by the rest of us."

Rene:"Ahmed, could I borrow your handkerchief?"

Ahmed: "Shoot! Shoot at the Infidel Marines for the greater glory of Allah!"

Rene: "um...those guys look awful angry...maybe a truce for a Cognac and Brie peace session?"

Ahmed: *charging up Marine position*"Alllaaahhhhhh.......silence following a the sharp crack of a sniper rifle...

Rene: "Ahmed? ...er Ahmed?".... *throws down weapon, takes up white cloth*
"Parle vou Francee American?" I do not know thees men, I was... taking a tour." "and they forced me into theese clothes and threw a rifle in my hands...and grenades....and a rocket launc...Your not buying eet are you?

Marine: "Hell No Frenchy"

Rene: "Geneva Convention!"" French Consulate!" "Police Brutality!"(Rene had spent a summer in California) "I surrender!."

Marine:*disappointed look on his face* *Muttering that General Mattis was right, some people are just fun to shoot!* "ok Frenchy, up against the wall and spread them".....

Posted by Delftsman3 at February 4, 2005 09:40 PM
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