February 08, 2005

Hamas Speaks

Hamas Speaks
I had said in an earlier post that the cease fire declared between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was a sign of hope that maybe the time had come when men of good will from both sides may be able to hammer out a fair compromise leading to an independent Palestinian state living in peace next to Israel. I had but one caveat: that all it would take would be one fanatic to derail the whole process....

Well it seems that the leading group of fanatics, Hamas , are hell bent on not allowing any sort of peace to be brokered, unless it is the peace engendered by the total destruction of the state of Israel, which is, after all, the basic premise of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's charter document.

The Left in this country are always saying that one of the major problems is that the US will not deal fairly with the Palestinian side of Mid-East hostilities, always favoring Israel in any negotiation. I think the story above points out the problem, namely that there is no ONE group that speaks for the Palestinian Misplaced Arab people. The Palestinian Authority was SUPPOSED to be, in effect, an interim government for the Palestinian side, empowered to deal with the Israelis AS a government to try to broker peace.

The FACT is that the P's M-A's HAVE no governing authority that can speak in the interests of their people. They have a loose coalition of gangs of thugs using the PA as a front to mislead the rest of the world into thinking that the people have a legitimate governing body to conduct negotiations. These negotiations are used as "rest periods" in the ongoing war; used to rearm and conduct planning for future (terrorist) operations in relative calm.

If the Misplaced Arabs truly want to become the "Palestinian People", with a self ruled state of their own , they have to make the decision: to have ONE ruling authority that has the power of a government. To allow any group of wannabe armies of the people that can scrape enough money,weapons and fanatics together to have an equal say in the process is only self defeating. Until that happens Israel has every right to take the actions it must do to protect itself. That is after, after all, one of the primary functions of a real government, to protect it's people from military attack. Israel has demonstrated on a number of occasions to be willing to negotiate a just peace. There just hasn't been a corresponding entity on the other side to negotiate with.

Until there is, I'm afraid that there can never be a true peace, at best, there will be an uneasy truce with sporadic acts of violence.

And until the Left in this country realize the true situation in the area, the violence will extend into the political arena in this country too.

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