February 08, 2005


Want to know why Johnny can't read? The so called "experts in education" are why.

The NEA has been the single greatest folly foisted on the American people.
Here is yet another example of the "smart" thinking of the Educratic mind...take the most successful reading program in the state, and phase it out, because after all, the Educrats know that reading is a complex activity, and only their methods can be trusted to convey that talent.

Irregardless of the fact that everywhere the educrats hold sway has experienced furthur and furthur declines in the literacy of their children.

The educrats claim it was a lack of funding for schools, but the higher the funding goes, the lower the test scores seem to go. The number of educrats in the $100,000 a year salary range seems to go up at a concurrent pace....Note I don't say teachers are the problem, I say educrats.

These educrats are really nothing more than leeches on the educational system, imposing whatever flavor of new educational theory happens to be availible to get the most money out of the system they can, the children be damned.

The teachers in the trenches are as much victoms as the children, funds that could go to raising their pay to an equitable level are drained off in administration costs and study funding. And items that would really help the kids...you know, like textbooks, pencils, paper; yeah, the mundane stuff, gets the shortest shrift of all. Why be concerned that the students don't have proper supplies?, the educrats need a multi-billion office complex, after all.

How else will they be able to efficiently hand down their edicts from on high?

And they wonder why home schooled children tend to outscore their public schooled bretheran by over a two to one margin.

Posted by Delftsman3 at February 8, 2005 10:25 PM

I agree that the bureaucrats in U.S. education make far too much money (and don't really do much). I would even contend that teachers make enough if we consider their training and their vacations. If we add up the vacation time and their benefits over-and-beyond what most people get, they're all getting paid well over 50 grand a year. I'd like to see a little more money going to ensure that the actual facilities in schools are taken care of (heat, blackboards, school supplies, etc.) and see better before- and after-school care in some schools for parents who both work.

Posted by: Karlo at February 9, 2005 02:09 PM
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