February 17, 2005

UN Redux

ANOTHER report of UN incompetence. This time a report from a former UN inspector in the Food for Oil scam that details that, for the most part, the inspectors were more concerned with throwing beer parties than overseeing what they were assigned to do.

I wonder if the inspectors conducting the searches for WMD's prior to the invasion were just as lax? Saddam KNEW that he was on a short leash, perhaps he managed to ship the bulk of the weapons out prior to the invasion, and adroitly hid the rest? There WERE those mysterious truck convoys to Syria that were never inspected.

Moonbats will point to the fact that the whistle blower was being termed a "disgruntled employee" by the company overseers, yet they will hale any other "disgruntled employee" as a "brave hero exposing the corrupt system" if it's a matter that they wish to hold up as proof of the eeevil administration or heinious Corporate tyrany.

Posted by Delftsman3 at February 17, 2005 07:47 AM
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