February 21, 2005

Ali,Wilders in Prison

I saw this story at The Dutch Report and I was sickened by the thought that the situation there had deteriorated to the point that representatives of a legitimate government had to be housed in a maximum security prison to try to guarentee their safety.

I know that it would seem to affect me more than the majority of my readers, after all, we live in unprecedented safety here in the United States, and Holland is the country of MY birth, not their's; but if they think about it, they would realize that if it could happen in a country known for it's tolerance and freedom, it could happen here. Don't think that it can't. (it would be poetic justice to see Sen."Splash" Kennedy under that type of protection protocall....wonder if they could "lose" the key to his cell?)

If we don't wake up to the threat that Islamofacism presents everywhere in the world, how long will it be before WE provide housing at the Greybar Hotel for our Senators and Congressmen to provide for their safety? I don't believe that we will ever go that route, thats what we have the Secret Service for, but still, it does give one food for thought. When a small group of fanatics can disrupt the nomal conduct of governmental members, that government is in serious trouble.

It will be a tricky thing here in the U.S. to maintain the level of freedom we enjoy and still have an effective means of combating this scourge, in the end, we'll have to accept a certain level of danger to keep those freedoms intact, but I believe that more can be done than is being done at present.

We must never trade freedom for security, but we must be more vigilant and responsible for our own safety, and realize that that safety IS under attack. We have one advantage over the Dutch, and that is our Second Amendment, which not only affords us the freedom to bear arms, but tacitly recognizes our individual freedom to protect ourselves, with deadly force if need be, without the EU attitude that only the official defenders of the law can provide protection.

UPDATE: Here are some comments by security specialists and government officials on the situation.
The reaction by some of the governmental apparatchiks is, to say the least, inexecusable, and the voters should remeber this the next time they go to the polls.

Posted by Delftsman3 at February 21, 2005 08:14 PM

Its sad to see whats going on the Netherlands.
You are correct it could happen here.
it will be interesting to watch the situation in Holland.I dont have a real warm fuzzy feeling about the Islamists over there.
Cheers from Sunny Tampa Bay

Posted by: NeilV at February 21, 2005 10:50 PM
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