February 23, 2005

Military Families

In the support and kudos we (rightfully) give our servicemen and women, there is an all but forgotton component of service life, and that is the families of these extraordinary people. Here is the story of one Marine wife and mother.

I would echo tim Chaves's statement when he writes:

And we should be proud of those on the home front who make the heroics in Iraq possible. Schools, civic groups and places of worship should take the time to boost the morale of these families — by letting the children know how much we appreciate them letting their daddies and mommies protect us, and letting the wives and husbands know their struggle is equally heroic.

We will win the war on terror because there is a Colleen on the home front standing behind every Mark in Iraq and Afghanistan. And that support lets daddies fight and sacrifice so other kids can be free.

We can never forget that a lot of the hero's involved with the services don't even serve in uniform themselves. They fight the daily battle of "normal living",not the guns and bombs of a vicious enemy. They fight this battle alone and with a level of courage equal to any seen on the battlefield, and all too often are forgotten as being major contributors to the war effort.

Posted by Delftsman3 at February 23, 2005 10:09 PM
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