February 27, 2005

More on Terri Schaivo

Judge Orders Schiavo's Feeding Tube to Remain for Three Weeks

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Supporters of Terri Schiavo's right to life scored a big victory late
Friday when a Florida judge ordered her feeding tube to remain for an
additional three weeks.

"Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer made his decision after
pleadings from the woman's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, that they
need more time to pursue additional medical tests which might prove their
daughter has more mental capabilities than previously thought." the AP

The judge's stay will remain until March 18. But the legal battle to
keep Terri alive is far from over.

Fla. Governor Jeb Bush has also ordered the state to investigate
allegations Schiavo has been abused or mistreated. The state is reportedly
seeking a 60-day delay in removal of the feeding tube.

Terri's father Robert is leading the legal effort to save his daughter.
He has set up a legal defense fund. He needs your help.

You can help him by Going Here Now

Robert Schindler's Appeal Follows Below

If you can help in any way, please find it in your heart to do so.

Help Save My Daughter From Starvation! (from Terri Schiavo's

Dear Friend of Life,

By now you have probably heard about a young woman who is
threatened with starvation in Florida.

That young woman is my daughter, Terri.In 1990, through
circumstances which are shrouded in mystery (and may involve a
criminal act by Terri's estranged husband), my daughter was
left severely brain-damaged.

But before I go any further, I must put an end to thelies and
misinformationthat are circulating around the country through
the media concerning my daughter's condition.

Contrary to anything you may have heard,Terri is NOT brain
dead; Terri is NOT in a coma; she is NOT in a "persistent
vegetative state;" nor is she on ANY life-support system.

Terri Schiavo responds
to her mother's touch

Terri laughs, Terri cries, she moves, and she makes child-like
attempts at speech with her mother and me. Sometimes she will
say "Mom" or "Dad" or "yeah" when we ask her a question. When I
kiss her hello or goodbye, she looks at me and "puckers up" her

This may not seem like much to you, but it means everything to
Terri's mother and me. It tells us she is still here,she still
knows us, and with therapy and time she can have some level of

I know that there are some hard hearted people who believe that
due to my daughters condition, she is better off dead. Words
cannot describe the pain and anger such sentiments cause us.
This is our daughter, our little girl, and even in her disabled
condition, she still has the right to life and the right to be
loved and cared for by her family.

Why, you may ask, is Terry in danger ofdeath by starvation?

It is a long and outrageous story, but I'll give it to you as
briefly as I can.

After the "incident" that left Terry in this condition, her
husband Michael Schiavo sued various members of the medical
community for money, saying that they did not treat or diagnose
her properly at an early stage, and that he needed this money
to provide for Terri's therapy and rehabilitation and care.

After lengthy court battles, he finally won upwards of $1.7
million under the guise of caring for our daughter, and then to
our horror,he immediately began spending the money on
himselfand his Playboy lifestyle.

Terri's estranged husband Michael Schiavo has beenliving with
another woman for years, and has two children by her.He is
determined to see Terri dead.Why? We believe it's because he
gets to keep whatever money is left... and he may have even
darker motives than that.

To add insult to all of this injury toward my daughter, Michael
Schiavo is still her "legal husband" and therefore is
her "guardian." And since they are not legally divorced, he
controls whatever health care she will and will not get. We are
not even allowed to know if she is getting aspirin.

In 1993 my family initiated litigation against Michael Schiavo
solely for the purpose of acquiring medical, physical and
neurological assistance for our daughter Terri. The litigation
escalated in 1998 when Michael Schiavo petitioned the court to
stop Terri from receiving food and water, therebystarving her
to death.

In filing this legal action, he retained the services of a high
profile euthanasia attorney and the financial backing of
powerful euthanasia organizations. He also used Terri's medical
rehabilitation money to underwrite much of the legal expenses
associated with his effort to starve our daughter to death.

We know that he has spent nearly $500,000 of Terri's money in
attorney's fees for just one attorney trying to obtain a court
order to have Terri starved to death. The very money that was
supposed to be used for Terri's rehabilitation is being used to
have her killed.

We very quickly discovered it was impossible for us to compete
with the abundance of financial and legal resources the pro-
death organizations were providing Micheal Schiavo in their
effort to kill Terri. They are pouring time and effort into her
starvation because they want to use this case to further the
agenda of legalized euthanasia.

My wife and I are not wealthy people. Throughout those years,
we did not have any large organizations trying to help rescue
our daughter. Consequently, we had to rely on the generosity of
attorneys who were willing to offer their legal expertise at no
cost or at reduced fees.

The bottom line is thatwe are in the final weeks or months of
our struggleto rescue our daughter from an untimelydeath by
starvation. Death by starvation is very slow, and extremely
painful. As you must know, it is against the law to
deliberately starve an animal to death. There are members of
the Florida court who would not treat a dog the way they plan
to treat my daughter.

At this point we must pull out all the stops in our fight to
rescue our daughter.

As parents,we are desperate to save our daughter's life. As
people who love life, we are determined to deprive the
euthanasia advocates of successfully legalizing this form of
homicide. We believe that their efforts to kill Terri are
designed to set a precedent for the future eradication of
defenseless disabled human beings. I was alive when Americans
fought the Nazis; I do not want my daughter to meet the same
fate of thousands of disabled people in Nazi Germany, and I do
not want our country to go down that same dark path.

Friend, though we have never met, I'm asking you for your
help.We desperately need your financial assistanceto help our
family continue the battle tokeep our daughter from being
starved to death. There are so many expenses in a case like
this it is mind-boggling and overwhelming. Please click below
to make a contribution now:


Our adversaries believe that by our family's financial
attrition and difficulties, they will attain their objective of
killing our daughter. Presently, Terri's starvation may only be
a few weeks away, unless we find the financial resources to
prevent this atrocity from becoming a reality.

I implore you to please help us. We are writing to you, because
we believe you have a heart for justice and mercy. I'm asking
you to put yourself in my shoes, and then do whatever you can
to help our family. Whether it is $10 or $1000, we are
desperate for the resources to fight this battle for our
daughter's life at this critical juncture.

Please do whatever you can, and forward this e-mail to any
friends or family that you have who you think might be
interested in saving Terri's life.

I thank you for your time, your concern, and I solicit your
prayers for Terri and our entire family. These have been very
trying times for us all.


Bob Schindler Sr.


To submit a donation by check, please make check payable to "Terri
Schindler-Schiavo Foundation" and send to:

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation
c/o NewsMax
P.O. Box 20989
West Palm Beach FL, 33416

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