March 02, 2005

That breeze of freedom is atarting to blow

Even the Grey Old Lady has had to start to admit that events in the Middle East are changing in surprising(and to Leftists, disturbing) ways.

President Bush had stated that his goal in the M.E. was nothing less than to try to start a democratization of the regimes in the area. This was decried by the Left as unrealistic "Cultural Imperialism" and quite obviously could never happen.

As usual, the Left finds itself on the wrong side of history. While it's far too early to predict the final results, recent events in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and even in the ongoing struggle between the "palistinians" and the Israelis prove that there is a new movement in the air, it's fragile and needs to be nurtured, but if it is, it just yet may grow to Hurricane force, as far as the tyrants in the region are concerned. They can not withstand a popular movement of the people who yearn for self determination, if those people are willing to take the risks and pay the price that freedom demands.

Posted by Delftsman3 at March 2, 2005 12:42 AM
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