March 02, 2005

State Senate Hijinks

I was reading one my left leaning sites and saw where the owner was decrying that Republicans "were fighting dirty", and that the Dhims needed to do the same.

Actually, I bemoan the fact that, in some cases, the Republicans have sunk to the level of Democratic Party tactics. The GOP is better than that.

Here in Indiana, we've had a reprisal of the Democratic snit that played out in Texas last year, where the Dhims wouldn't enter the chamber so that there could be a quorem so that debate/votes could be taken.

This seems to be the new Demoncratic tactic; if they don't like the bills proposed, they don't want to try to debate them, they just take their baby behinds home and make it so that NO business can be done. And they still expect to be paid for NOT doing what they are being paid for.

I ask the voters of Indiana to take note of the whiners that can't even TRY to fight for their own positions and ensure that they don't have the chance to pull such stunts after the next election. The Dhims keep asking for "reconciliation" and "compromise", but in their actions, those words seem to mean "do it OUR way, or we won't play". Must be a new dictionary that they're using....
The same type of thing seems to be happening in the US Senater too. The Dhims need to realize that they are no longer the majority party. They need to fight for what they believe in (if they can figure out what that is) but realize that they won't win every time as they used to when they were the majority. And that is NOT "dirty fighting". The electorate chose what they wanted, and the GOP won. The GOP needs to start ACTING like a majority party and not bow to the childish snits of spoiled brats.

I feel that we need to make some SERIOUS cuts in spending, and not the farcical "cuts" that they tout so far. We need to make the tax cuts permanent too, so that business can be assured about what the climate will be for at least this cycle and plan their spending accordingly. The "Fair Tax" plan is something that should be seriously considered.

Posted by Delftsman3 at March 2, 2005 02:01 PM
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