March 07, 2005

A Nation of Riflemen

While making my daily excursion at Kim DuToits, I read the best explaination of what the 2nd Amendment REALLY means; and by a "baby" member of the Nation of Riflemen, no less!

It's heartening to know that the young are starting to realize just what the 2nd Amendment really means, and have not been totally corrupted by the GFW's that are attempting to convert us into a nation of subjects rather than the nation of citizens that we are.

Here is Eugene A's statement:

If you’d asked me two months ago what a rifle was, I would have said it was a device that fires a bullet. That’s it, it is nothing more than a mechanical means to load a cartridge, hit a primer, and propel a bullet in such a way that it flies straight and true.
Now, after holding and experiencing what a Rifle is, I understand that a Rifle is not a means to propel a bullet. It is a specialized tool of death. It was designed, made, and built solely for the purpose of delivering death at long range.It has no feelings, no emotions. What it does, however, is extend the good or evil of the man wielding it. He is no longer constricted to arm’s reach, he can extend good or evil for hundreds if not thousands of yards. And the rifle becomes just as good or evil as the person wielding it.
And the Right to Bear Arms means not the right to defend oneself, it is not the right to hunt animals, it is not the right to target shoot, not the right to fight off oppressive governments. These are all parts of it. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the right to express yourself in the most powerful way imaginable. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the right to steer your own course, the right to fight off oppression, the right to be the Sovereign and Powerful individual. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the final guarantee of Liberty.
If you die fighting for Liberty, it means you will have died in Freedom, you will have died like a Man.
Kim, now I know what a Rifleman is, and the responsibility of owning a gun just became much deeper and much more awesome than I anticipated. That rifle in my safe is my Freedom, and I am proud to live in a place where I have that Freedom.

I would join with Kim in saying: "carve those words on your soul, in great stone letters."

Posted by Delftsman3 at March 7, 2005 07:59 PM
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