March 22, 2005

Just Rambling.....

I woke up after 4 hrs sleep after driving 14 hours straight, and have been up for 12 hours now....I was hoping that inspiration would hit, and I would be making a Great Post; the kind of post that keeps readers coming back for more,and telling all their friends to "go READ this!". Alas, I haven't come up with a single blessed idea worthy of the title. So I'm going to go into random existential mode and se if my sub-concious may be working better than my for-brain.

Let me see.....Terri Schiavo....everyone is talking about the poor woman, and all sides are wrong in some items,and right in others. I'm appalled with the whole situation. I don't believe that Congress should ever have gotten involved, but I don't think the courts in Florida acted correctly either.

Terri Schiavo is NOT on life support, she was merely being fed and hydrated through a gastro tube. There is enough evidence to show that her husband worked against her best interest for years, not providing any rehabilitative care, despite being awarded a large sum of money in a mal-practice suit to provide just such care. There really is no concrete evidence that Terri would have wished to starve to death rather than continue on in her present state, other than the word of her husband, and a few family members, indeed, we really don't KNOW her true present state, due to the fact that Mr. Schiavo has refused to allow any brain scans to determine the level of brain activity. There are far too many unanswered questions to allow this farce to go on. Secondly, even if euthanasia was warrented; to kill a person in this manner is just too terrible to contemplate, and make no mistake, this IS the killing of a person, not the cessation of "heroic measures" of life support.

If the Government proposed the same method to execute a convicted felon, the same people crying "to let Terri die" would be up in arms at the "cruel" method chosen to execute a deserving criminal.

I am worried that the nose of the camel is in the tent when the federal Government starts intervening in what should be decided at the State level, but the State courts have shown themselves as being ill-equipped to handle tough cases such as this too, with vital testimony from interested parties not being allowed into evidence, and the unsupported testimony of NOT-disinterested parties to hold sway without regard to medical testimony to the fact, some of Mr. Schiavo's "expert medical testimony" came from doctors that NEVER even examined Terri in person, just vidio footage and incomplete medical summeries. (incomplete, since Mr. Schiave refused to allow any tests that might contradict his wishes to allow Terri to die) Thats inexecusable.
I don't know the total answer, but where there is this much confusion, I would think it wise to err on the side of life.

Wanda at Podunt Post has her own post on Terri Schiavo....we don't agree on much, but I'm gratified to see that we basically agree on this, with her interesting addend that she sees just how bad this makes the Democrats look, something I hadn't even considered untill I read her post. Considering her views, this is a major breakthrough; she didn't even call us repugnicans! (Your journey to the Dark Side has begun Wanda! LOL)

Right Wing Rocker has a post up on how he feels about the 2nd Amendment. It's all been said before, here and on many other blogs, but thjis is a topic that it seems MUST be kept hot to keep our freedoms alive.

Mamamontezz shows her writeing prowess with a little prose poem as an ode to Spring. (and you wonder WHY I married her? How could I not?)

Here's a picture of Lord Spatula and Mamamontezz doing the live-blogging updates for those of the VRWC that couldn't attend the Blogfest in person.
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And here's a shot of those of us who made it to Lord Spatula's apartment for the "train wreck Stew" (which was DELICIOUS, btw!)
Image hosted by
Thats Lord Spatula in the forground, with his pooch,Next row, from the left is that ever so Humble Devil Dog (the second smartest man I've ever talked to!), LC Beth (thanks again for the great job you did organizing!), the ever witty Zippo the Pirate (We have GOT to get together and party soon!), Me (Thanks for lending me the weapon El Capitan!)
Next row, Eric, long suffering, but ever cheerful husband of Denita 2D, El Capitan, a man large both in stature and in intelligence, Denita of the 2 Dragons(GREAT Tat!)and her son Zane, the Indefatiguable, The most High Emperor Darth Misha l (may praises be forever heaped upon his name!), Random Numbers(interesting to discuss any subject with) and his forbearing wife (darlin', you NEED to get a blog!), and last, but certainly NOT least, Mamamontezz, the love of my life.

Well it ain't much, but thats all I could dredge up for now....maybe the juices will flow more freely (and coherently) with a little more sleep.

I just want to say to ALL the attendees at the Blogfest, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and courtesy You showed to Mama and I, and Special Kudos to Lord Spatula and LC Beth for their fantastic job in organizing and keeping the event as wonderful as it was.

Posted by Delftsman3 at March 22, 2005 03:15 PM

I was so glad to finally meet you and Mama face-to-face! Glad you enjoyed yourself, hon!

Hopefully next year will bring us even MORE fun and frivolity! *grin*

(In the meantime, I'm STILL recovering from THIS year's...LOL)


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at March 23, 2005 05:50 AM

T'was, indeed, a pleasure my new friend! Keep yer nose above the water line and the wind at yer back! Nice post.

Posted by: ZiPpo at March 23, 2005 01:42 PM
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