March 25, 2005

Just Rambling...again

Posting will be light today, seems the evil Bronchitus Imp has found an abode to his liking within my lungs. It's not too severe as of yet, but I know from bitter experience just how quickly The B-I expands his domain and starts inviting his brothers Pneumonia and Pleurisy to take up residence with him if he isn't dealt with agressively from the start. So I intend to try to stay warm under multiple coverlets and drink hot tea and sleep as much as I can between coughing sessions. Hopefully my Doc will have gotten the message I left him and will write me a scrip for the meds I need to start the battle in earnest.

While I have a short respite, I thought I might point you to some alternate reading....

Mamamontezz has an interesting peek in a possible future scenerio leading from the Schiavo case. And not to be outdone by his Blog-mama, SlagleRock has his own little take on the matter.

Looks like Lord Spatula and Acidman are having a little disagreement, a little spat, a tiff.....hell it looks like they want to go into all out war. They need to go to a quiet place and have a few beers and work it all out... A Hillbilly/Cracker and A fiery tempered Texas interesting matchup to say the least.

Kim du Toit has a great picture to start the week-end period of Debauchery. Girl, Gun and Country, what more could one wish?

If you ever wanted to know the Inner Dax Montana ? Read the interview. Just Damn!

And to disprove the DemoncRat meme that conservatives are in lock step with the GOP, here's a rant by my most Illustrious Emperor Darth Misha l See Wanda? when President Bush is correct, we support, when he's incorrect, we excoriate. The general rule with any politition is that he/she's a necessary evil, don't trust, and verify everything he/she says/does.

I'm going to bed, call me in a ....

Posted by Delftsman3 at March 25, 2005 08:54 PM

I'm sorry to read that you feeling less than par.
Kim's picture does absolutely nothing for me. Well except make me wish I was 20 years younger and a whole lot braver.
As for the Acidman and Lord Spatula, having been down that road myself, I can tell you it's all for naught. Neither one is going to change the other's mind. Two strong men with strong opinions. Thank God we have freedom of speech!
I'll have to check out Dax's interview.
I can't get Mama's pages to open. I'll check back later. Slaggel Rock may be closer to reality than fantasy.
Hope you get to feeling better soon, and have a happy and safe Easter weekend!

Posted by: wanda at March 26, 2005 06:27 AM

Hope you get to feeling better and the Doc has some bug killer for you, get well soon.

Posted by: Jack at March 26, 2005 03:00 PM
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