May 09, 2005

Drugs and Illegals

We've all heard the apologists for the illegals coming over our Southern border; "they're just the poorest of the poor, seeking to make a better life for their families"--and many of them may fit that profile...but, as at least one of the brave men acting as a Minuteman found out, there is a significant percentage of these people that have no interest in anything but the high profits that drug smuggling brings. And that the situation in many sections of the border is an continous cycle of these vermin.

These illegals are not afraid of the border patrol, in fact, they USE the border patrol as a cost free "travel agency" to return to their bases in Mexico, thus increasing the amount of profit they make from their activity. In essence, YOU, the taxpayer, are helping fund their activities.

Read the story that Mr. Hart has to tell of the living conditions that honest citizens living near the border have to exist under; where a single mother has to "clear" her house before bringing her child in. Where another mother has to fear confrontations with smugglers parking in her driveway, making her for all practical intent, a prisoner in her own home after dark. Where the issue of gun control is a not debated among the residents of the community, where gun control as they understand it is truly "hitting what you aim at".

And for all it's touted restrictions, the Patriot Act doesn't even address the area.
(and for those trolls that want to know, NO, I am NOT in favor of many of the provisions of the act, but that is another post altogether.)

WE THE PEOPLE need to start to wake up to what is happening on our southern border. We need to hold the government accountable for border security, and if it continues to fail so miserably in it's duty to do so, WE must take that responsiblity on ourselves. They may call it vigilantism, but the fact remains that vigilanti's only arise when they feel that the appointed officials aren't doing the job expected of them.

The Minutemen ARE NOT vigilanti's; they are trying to bring attention to the utterly disgraceful ineffectiveness of the legal authorities BEFORE the need for vigilantism becomes almost a necessity for the safety of the legal residents of this part of the country.

Remember also, if the smugglers have made it such a routine to smuggle drugs into the country, just how much of a leap is it before they are contracted to bring in NBC agents for terrorist use?, indeed, in many cases, these agents would be EASIER to bring in, due to the very small amounts needed to pose a significant threat.

Effective border enforcement begins at the top levels, and President Bush has been severely inept in instituting the proper level of border enforcement. Indeed, it's almost as if he were trying to cater to the whim of those that encourage and profit from this travesty, aka Vincente Fox and his corrupt government, rather than upholding his Constitutional duties to keep our borders secure from foreign enemies. Make no mistake, Mexico is our enemy in this arena.

We need to hold his feet to the fire in this area. It is our duty as free citizens to become informed on this issue, and to hold our government responsible for doing what it was elected to do. And if the government doesn't, or can't do it, we must do it for ourselves.

We must come to realize that we are really engaged in a war that may determine the continued existance of our country, a war just as real and as serious as the war in Iraq, albeit an almost silent war up till now. If we don't fight it with all the determination and force we can muster, we may just as well concede defeat and prepare to wear the chains of those who would enslave us.

As for me and mine, we will never wear those chains, we will fight with all the weapons at our disposal, with words and education at the present time, and if/when it comes to it, with guns, in the final extreme. Better to perish fighting for an ideal than aquiesing to the whims of tyrants and the lawless.

Posted by Delftsman3 at May 9, 2005 12:05 AM
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