May 21, 2005

Shillery Watch

Hillary Clinton is supposed to be "the smartest woman in politics"....
She keeps insisting that her focus is to get re-elected to her New York Senate seat....So WHY is she inviting a group of Iowans to a fund raiser in D.C.?

Conventional wisdom is that she will be the one to beat in the Democratic Primaries in 2008. Everyone is taking it as a given that she WILL be running for President, her protestations of "only being interested in retaining her Senate seat" to the contrary.

Seems that schemers and liars just can't ever be open in their actions, it's contrary to their nature; but to believe that the electorate will buy that she is inviting IOWANS to help raise funds for a NEW YORK Senate seat demonsterates her true contempt of the "little people".

The trouble is that the majority of the Left will drink that Kool-aid with gusto, even knowing it's nothing but a classic, albeit clumsy, misdirection.

As a personal observation; this may be one reason that the Left is so ready to accuse their political counterparts as being cheats and liars, when they accept and even to some extant promote such qualities in their own standard bearers.

Personally, I believe that ALL politicians are liars, it's a necessary talent to have in a successful political career, but it's essential that the politician not be perceived as lying; clumsy misdirections such as espoused by the Clinton political machine just demonstrate that Hillary is just not good candidate material for any non-idiologically driven, thinking, person.

Posted by Delftsman3 at May 21, 2005 09:59 PM
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