June 04, 2005

The REAL Gulag in Cuba

Vel Prieto of Babalu Blog has put into words what any correct thinking person would think of Amnesty International's statements about Gitmo being a THE "gulag" of our times.

AND as one commenter suggested, lest you think that this is just a RightWingNut type propaganda, Google: "Amnesty International"Cuba(526,000results) and then "Amnesty International" /guantanamo -guantánamo.(303,000 results): in other words, Amnesty international has over 1/2 as many current referrals to reports/"informative alerts" for ONE facility that has been operating for less than five years as it does for HUNDREDS of prisons that have been in operation for more than 40 years. And I challenge you to peruse all 526,000 of those results about the Castro prisons and find ONE of them referred to as a "gulag"....

Lets see...we have a facility with color tv. microwave ovens, flush toilets, shower facilities, three "hots" and a cot for every prisoner. Where a prisoner is "tortured" by losing a little sleep when he has been recalterent...and yes, don't forget, they may have to listen to some of that evil western rock music when the guards want to hear something from home. And its a Gulag, I tell you!

Contrast that to a multileval prison, where the excrement from the upper levels descend down through slits in the floor to accumulate in the lowermost cells; where the prisoners lie on the bare concrete, are never certain as to when they may receive food, but are assured that when they do, it will be of the variety that a farmer here would be embarrassed to slop his hogs with. Where REAL torture is utilyzed on a daily, and for some prisoners on a 24 hr basis. Where a common form of "punishment" is to attach the jumper cables to a prisoner's gonads....NOT to extract military information vital to protecting soldiers in an active war zone, mind you, or even to obtain a confession of a crime. It's done because the guards are bored, and they can. This has been occurring for over 40 years.

And when making their speeches on the heinious activities in countries around the world, AI is strangley silent when it comes to Cuba...as they were with the Gulags in Siberia, or the trading in human misery in North Korea....but they sure can trumpet it loud when there is an incident of fraternity type hazing in a US facility. AI is morally bankrupt. I suggest that you don't support them in any of their endevors, although I do feel sorry for that; AI COULD have been a great force for good in the world, until idiology triumphed over their mission of highlighting state-sponsered atrocities.

Posted by Delftsman3 at June 4, 2005 10:27 PM

"strangley silent when it comes to Cuba"

Well why else would Cuba be chosen as the perfect "outsourcer" for gitmo. Duh.

Digital Emigre, thanks to liberal "leftwing" journalist's everyone now knows Guantanamo Bay is part of the "strangely silent" ghost prison network. The silent gulag, is everywhere.

If you really cared, you'd be going about exposing all the other heinous silent prisons you seem so familiar with.

Or maybe you just don't really give a damn so long as you have a keyboard to pontificate from. Sellout.

You are a slur on my name.

Ps, your padding is out of wack in the comments. You might want to try a bit more space between the lines.

Posted by: emigre at June 6, 2005 02:41 PM
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