June 23, 2005

Update- Paloswinian Martyr

Here's an update and expansion on my post about a Palistinian Misplaced Arab trying to martyr herself in an Israeli hospital, from a story at
Arutz Sheva Here's the story. I link, YOU decide.


Despite the distribution of a video of the Arab suicide bomber who
intended to blow up a hospital by the IDF, nearly all foreign news agencies
chose to boycott the story altogether.
An outraged former undersecretary to US President Ronald Reagan and
candidate for Republican Presidential nominee, Gary Bauer wrote a scathing
critique of the world media’s decision to avoid the story.

Excerpts from Bauer’s letter:

”If you don't get the Fox News Channel then you didn't see any of the
dramatic footage of the Israeli army's arrest yesterday of a 21-year old, female Palestinian homicide-bomber, strapped with 25 pounds of high-explosives, just moments before she was to commit mass-murder by detonating herself inside an Israeli hospital. No other television network featured the story.

”Utterly ignoring the extraordinary video of the homicide-bomber's
arrest, both the BBC and CNN focused extensively on how much ‘damage’
Israel's early morning arrest - for which there was no video - of 55 Fatah
and Islamic Jihad terrorists, described by CNN as ‘Palestinian
activists,’ would cause to today's scheduled ‘summit meeting’ between Israeli
Prime Minister Sharon and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

That only one network would air incredible footage of the seizure of a
ticking human-bomb, just moments before she tried to murder hospital
patients, means this story was not simply ignored by the mainstream media
- it was boycotted by the mainstream media. Since nearly every aspect
of this remarkable story contradicts everything the mainstream media has
been trying to tell us about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they
just opted for the easiest way to handle it - denying it ever happened.


Ignoring the story meant the networks didn't need to tell viewers that
yesterday's homicide-bomber was not dispatched by terrorists of Islamic
Jihad or Hamas, groups opposed to President Abbas, but was in fact
working for the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, which is controlled by the
political party Fatah, whose chairman is none other than President Abbas

Ignoring the story meant not having to reveal that the
would-be-murderer had been traveling regularly to Israel for years on a valid medical pass, which granted the woman free treatment for burns she received in a home cooking accident, and was thus ruthlessly exploited by depraved
terrorists whose shameless capacity to cynically manipulate goodness,
in their pursuit of murder and death, knows no bounds.


Ignoring the story meant not having to cover comments the
female-terrorist made in a rare army supervised press conference in which she
revealed what her mission was and who sent her. "I believe in death," she
said on Israeli TV. "All my life I have been preparing to be a martyr.
Mother, please forgive me for failing in [my] mission." Sentiments not
exactly consistent with the line long peddled by the liberal media, and
more recently even by the Bush administration, that Israel is the
obstacle to "peace."

Posted by Delftsman3 at June 23, 2005 02:32 AM

Well stated Bert. CNN & BBC = Al Jazeera West.

Posted by: Jack at June 23, 2005 03:06 AM

Wow. That was interesting.

Posted by: chosha at June 26, 2005 10:40 PM
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