June 28, 2005

A Little Partisian Rant

I stole borrowed this cartoon from Neal's Nuze. Sure does seem to hit the nail pretty much on the head.
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Go to any "Progressive" site...TRY to find any solid, step by step, proposals, backed with logical reasoning, on how to change policies for the better, and whats more, try to make such a proposal in the comments, and note the reaction you get.

95% of the time, the only proposal that a Progressive can come up with is that:

A. We need to raise taxes on "the Rich".

B. We need to have a government study/ further legislation to control the problem.

C. We need to do this "For the Children".

And the reaction you'll receive on a proposal?

A. "Your an uncaring slave of corporate America".

B. "Why are you so greedy"? "You should be happy to pay your taxes, so that you can enjoy the benefits of X, Y, or Z."

C. "Your a Republican, ergo you are a Nazi/Facist/Religious Right Wing Wacko".
And don't forget the classic "vicious gun lover that: wants to turn us back to the Wild West days/ let the blood run freely in the streets".

I will admit that Conservative sites aren't innocent in speading the lables "Communist" and "Socialist" around a little too freely too...there is one slight difference though, they usually back that tagging up with factual data.

But as the cartoon exemplifies; show me an instance where the Democratic party has made any proposals of their own, it seems that all they have done in the last three years is to do their best to block anything the Republicans come up with....whats even worse, it seems that some Rhinos are starting to do the same, in an effort to seemingly become more "bipartisan" before the next election. The art of politics is all about compremise, THAT is bipartisonship..negotiating a bill that, while it doesn't give either party everything they would desire, does become acceptable for the moment to both points of view. Just saying NO is far from that concept.

Posted by Delftsman3 at June 28, 2005 09:03 PM
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