June 30, 2005


The Left side was quite outraged that President Bush cited 9/11 five times in his speech on why we need to stay the course in Iraq.

Maybe Senator Rockefeller should take note of his OWN words before he complains too loudly?

Yes, Chosa, there I go, throwing stones again, just can't help it when the Left makes it so damned easy!

Posted by Delftsman3 at June 30, 2005 08:53 PM

Actually no, I wouldn't have said that, because what you're criticising him for is directly relevent to the issue you're talking about. I agree that he makes himself look ridiculous in slamming Dubbya for something he himself has done.

Just realise that this doesn't remove the fact that Pres Bush DOES keep linking two unrelated events (9/11 and the Iraqi War) in order to keep Americans supporting the war. Americans have a low tolerance for any war that drags on and where their soldiers die (the Gulf war was perfect - quick, instant success, very few US casualties...a politician's dream war).

But 9/11 was on US soil, a terrifying reminder that America is not immune from vulnerability. So connecting the two serves two purposes for Bush.
1. It makes people feel emotional and scared and this leads them to give support to the war in Iraq, because they see it as necessary for their security, which it isn't (can't attack the US with non-existant WMD, can they?)
2. It's a misdirection technique. Labelling Iraq as 'part of the war on terror' gives people the impression that the government is DOING SOMETHING about terrorists, when in fact NOTHING has been achieved in finding Bin Laden or bringing the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice.

Even if you think that Bush is a great president, that's no reason to be fooled by political rhetoric and clever manipulation in speech-writing. This kind of control is used by politicians good and bad, sadly, to avoid having to face their voters with stark truths. The only link between 9/11 and Iraq is the one he (and apparently Rockefeller :)) has created in the minds of Americans. And that's neither fair on Americans, or Iraqis.

Posted by: chosha at July 1, 2005 10:11 PM
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