July 14, 2005

MuHAMmed Gets New Bed

His most Magnificant Rottiness, Darth Misha 1 had a problem...it seems that his pet pig, MuHAMmed, had gotten too large to comfortably roam the halls of the Imperial Palace.

Well, our dear Emperor DOES have a crack staff of scientists, and they managed to shrink the Imperial Porcine down to a much more manageable size, but then there arose a new problem; where could poor MuHAMmed rest his Imperial snout? His old pad was now much too large.

Our Emperor, ever the resourceful one, hit upon the perfect solution for a new resting place:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sleep easy, MuHAMmed, and if the burlap is a little rough, I'm sure the Emperor can find you a nice thick prayer rug to replace it.

Posted by Delftsman3 at July 14, 2005 01:25 AM | TrackBack

Cute widdle piggie!

Posted by: Jack at July 18, 2005 12:34 PM

Do some reasearch about Islam and your heart will tell you the truth defenitly. No need to make a fun on a Holy Prophet because what ever youdid it doesn't effects his rank above with His LOrd. You need to think about this: Who are you? where did you come from?? and where are you going(after death)??? If you can answer me please do!!!

Posted by: Er at October 20, 2005 10:26 PM

fuck you son of a bıtches

Posted by: fuck you at October 25, 2005 07:29 AM
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