August 03, 2005


just to ease back into the groove of posting easily, I've decided to start off with a quick round-up of some things that you should read to get the old thought processes going.

First off, a post from the Emperor Misha of the Rottweiler Empire. As always, he gets right to the heart of the issue. I concur with him completely.

Next comes this gem from my own better half, demonstrating the laziness of the MSM in covering the story. Like she says:"See how it works, people? And isn't it sad that it takes some old chick on dial-up on a busted office chair with nothing but a pig lamp for light to do this, while the journo-types get paid good money to turn out half-assed articles. And don't talk deadlines. I did this in an hour. Most deadlines are more lenient than that, unless one has been hiding in the lounge at the hotel for too long and cut themselves short."

Next we have Kim du Toit's launching of something that every homeschooler should be interested in DidToday is THE resource that makes home schooling really practical and achievable for the masses.

TNS of Bitter Rants has an idea for expanding the war on Terror...overloading the religious discussions of the Mullahs of the ROP by forcing them to have to issue fatwas against us all.
All I have to say, while munching on a tasty BLT (heavy on the bacon), using my copy of the Queran as a leveling wedge on that short leg of my computer desk, and swilling a particularly tasty bottle of Poorter Ale, is WHERE IS MY fatwa?

Acidman has a list of ten things that he Just WON'T DO. they sounded like a pretty good list to me.

And last, Neal Boortz has a reply for a liar reviewing his book on the Fair Tax(H.R.25). The more I look into the Fair Tax, the more I am in favor of it. Study it for yourself, and if you are as agreeable to the idea as I am, contact your representatives and tell them to back it. We need this legislation to bring sanity back to our tax system, IMO. there are flaws, as in any system, but this is the most well thought out proposal to come down the pike in many a year.

Thats it for now...I know none of it is original, but I hope it does provide you some food for thought. I'll try to get something of my own up soon. Seems absence of practice has made it harder to formulate thought in a coherant format, but I'm sure that I just need to flex those underused muscles a little to get back up to my mediocre level of opining.

Once again, THANK YOU to all that have remained loyal readers through the recent troubles.

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