August 04, 2005

Fair Tax

I've written about it before, and here I go again. There is an idea for a radically different tax system for our country called the Fair Tax. It's been presented in H.R.25 for congressional debate. Now it is up to US to ensure that it gets a fair hearing. The politicians won't even let it get out of a committee hearing if WE don't tell them that this is an idea that should at get a fair debate on it's merits.

The reason for this is obvious; the Fair Tax, if enacted, would strip a great deal of power out of the hands of the politicians and return it to the people. Politicians would no longer be able to manipulate the tax code to their benefit, giving large tax breaks to those in a position to contribute to their campaign war chests. It would put the people back in a position to control what they pay in taxes through their spending habits.

Here is why I support the Fair Tax proposal

1. It would eleminate all hidden taxes in the goods and services we purchase, letting us make a truly informed decision about what we buy.

2. It would be a truely progressive tax; eleminating the "class war" wedge used by populist politicians to pit the various segments of our society against each other, and bring the political debate back to "is this proposed legislation truly good for our country".

3 It eliminates any taxes being paid by "the poor"; and immediatly raises their usable income by some 25%.

4. It removes the incentive of Big Business to pay for a politician to try to gain a step up on their competition.

5. It would lower the tax burden on the average family, allowing for more "stay at home parents", it would no longer be NECESSARY for both parents to work, just to be capable of paying their tax burden.

6. It would eleminate all inheritence taxes, allowing small family businesses/farms to continue past the unexpected death of their founders.

7. Most important, it would put CONTROL back in the hands of the individual and open up the dark recesses of government spending manipulation to the light.

8. It would infuse a HUGE influx of capitol into the economy, lifting it to heights that would be unheard of under our present system...think about all the money presently held in offshore tax shelters coming back and actually being used to boost the economy....not to mention the fact that it would make the U.S. the most attractive place for foreign investors to put their capitol in the world. It would have the potential of wiping out our our national debt in a matter of months.

Read H.R.25 and decide for yourself. If you give it honest thought and compare it to what we are bound by today, I feel confident that you will join in and contact your representatives to tell them that the time has come for REAL tax reform.

Go to and get the Fair Tax book that explains the proposal and it's costs/benefits in plain language.

The time to act is now.

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