August 07, 2005


To all those that ask WHY did my (insert military family connection here) have to die in Iraq/Afghanistan?; Mamamontezz has an answer that says it a nutshell, it's because you raised your child correctly, or married a person who was raised correctly.

These are people that knew that Duty, Honor, Country are more than just empty words; and that attitude comes from being raised in an environment where those words DO mean something, at least in lip service.

Damien Cave of the New York Slimes asks "Where are the Heroes"?

Mr Cave, the heroes are ALL those that choose to put on the uniform and put themselves in harms way, and in a sense, the parents that instilled the concepts of Duty, Honor, Country in those brave men and women.

The MSM seems hellbent on undermining every effort to defend this country from the ravages of Islamofacism because they despise the man that had the courage to draw a line and actually enforce/defend that line. They decry the splinter of bias in their opponent's eye while ignoring the log in their own.

I thank God every day that the majority in this country still try to adhere to the fundamental concepts that made this country great, despite the continual barrage of nuance and relativism of the Media elite, and that they elected a man that believes as they do, rather than for the candidate of prepackaged memes and failed ideas of the radical Left.

I am chagrined that that man has not lived up to the full potential of that trust; he seems to have forgotten that our borders need to be made secure, not more poreous, and his aquesience in the realm of expenditures is shameful.
But at least he has the courage to stay the hard course in the face of idiotic but hypervocal appeasment proponents.

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I had my service, my grandson just got back from Fallujah. A nephew is in Kuwait and another in Kosevo. If I could talk to that beraved mother who is stalking the president I would tell her she was pissing on her son's grave.

Posted by: Walter E. Wallis at August 8, 2005 12:46 AM

The tragedy is that the media is duping the mother for political gain, they have no respect for the fallen son, the mother, the president or the American People. Their dwindling popularity is directly related to their callous political activism where they'd rather dishonor the deceased than revere their life. Damien Cave could break that trend and publish something positive about our servicemembers but has chosen the low road of his peers.

Posted by: Jack at August 8, 2005 12:12 PM
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