August 12, 2005

Able Danger

Seems that the Rove story just may disappear as yesterday's news with the revelations that information pertaining to the 9/11 plot may have been availible in late 1999 or early 2000, in fact, information on the plot came as early as 1995, from Abdul Hakim Murad, one of the participants Bojinka bombing plotters in the Phillipines. Murad had offered to give information in exchange for a reduced sentence in the Bojinka bombing plot, but was turned down by Dietrich Snell, a federal prosecutor under Attorney General Janet Reno, who convicted Murad. Mr. Snell was attached to the 9/11 commission as a Senior Counsel/ team leader. The validity of the Commission's final report is starting to smell worse than a fish market in a 90 degree heat wave.

Members of the Commission talk about the ATTA timeline and how the intelligence data didn't agree with the "established" ATTA timeline. In other words the commission started out with a conclusion on ATTA and then made the intelligence fit the desired conclusion. Looking at some of the members, you can see why....they were doing coverup to protect the Clinton 'Legacy'; indeed, were part of the malfeasence themselves (Richard Ben-Veniste, Jamie Gorelick? HELLLLLOOOO!)

I think that we need a new commission to investigate the old the form of a Grand Jury, perhaps.

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The 9/11 commission should have been a grand jury investigation, instead of allowing the law makers and breakers to judge themselves. The Dems would have the events happening on Carter and Clinton's watches appear like the immaculate conception when compared to those occuring under both Bush administrations.

Posted by: Jack at August 13, 2005 11:30 AM
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