August 17, 2005

Academia, still Left

Amazing what you can find roaming the net...HERE is an academic scandal of the first order, brewing not three miles away from where I live, and yet, this is the first I've heard of it.

As the second link shows, it was reported in the local newspaper, but it must have been in on of the far back regions of section C, because as a daily reader, I would have thought I would have noted such a story in my past excoriations of the Ward Churchill fiasco.

I urge that Gov. Daniels exercise his responsibility in overseeing a state funded institution and have an independant board look into the situation. It's gone too far for an internal board to do justice, and "protecting the Institution" is wrong when there is obvious cause to doubt the integrity of the institution. Some short term harm to IU-PUI Law Schools reputation may occur, but far less than that will be incurred at a later date; when the cancer might have grown to the point of being fatal to the Institution's very existance.

This points out one of the failings of a system that has been overcome by PC; to the point where the best qualified instructors are ousted because they hold to Truth, rather than the popular Meme of the Moment. This leads to cynacism in/to the system, and in the end, the loss of true justice to us all.

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