August 18, 2005

Reaction to Appeasement

An incident of violence occurred in the midst of the Israeli govt. appeasement action Jewish settler's relocation, with an expected response from the Paliswinian side:

"Hamas, as well as all Palestinians, are interested in seeing the Zionist settlers leave our land as soon as possible," said spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri. "But if these crimes continue, factions will not stand by silently."

And of course, those on the Left here are making great sport of crowing about "Israeli aggression" in reference to this incident..
I find it somewhat amusing that everyone is ignoring the difference between "us" and "them".

In the Paleoswinian Terror-tories, an action like what this overdistraught man did would be hailed as a "heroic part of the freedom struggle", but since he is a member of a civilized society, he will be tried,convicted,and punished for committing murder. MAYBE he can get a reduced sentence on the basis of temporary insanity due to extreme mental stress...

While I do feel sorrow that these people suffered what they did at this mans hands, when I stop and consider what THEIR probable reaction would have been had the situation been reversed, given past experience, I must say that the G-A-F meter reads:
Image hosted by

Yep, as I surmised, pretty much zero. (thanks for the meter LC Fresh Sign!)

Update: Murdock at Blogging at 2000 Feet has his own take on the resettlement appeasment action.

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Ever wonder just who got to Sharon to change his mind and when do we start giving up our territory to them? We could cede Massachusetts then they wouldn't have too far to look when they face the East at prayer time, while the Kennedy and Heinz-Kerry klans bankroll the Mosques.

Posted by: Jack at August 18, 2005 11:06 PM
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