August 19, 2005

The Queering of our Schools

Go read this if you have a strong stomach...disregard that it is from a Fundementalist, Pro-Christian site, the FACTS exposed therin shows what the true results of the ACLU agenda are.

I am NOT a Fundementalist Christian, indeed, I consider myself an Agnostic with no formal religious ties, but I will take note of valid information from anyplace I find it, and the slime exposed in this article should be of concern to any citizen concerned about the direction our Republic is heading in.

Here's a taste to whet your anger:

Following the task force’s lead, the NEA will now struggle to expunge “heterosexism” from the consciousness of children in the classroom. The union has encouraged schools to integrate LGBT themes into curricula, instructional material, and programs; to emphasize the legitimacy of different “family structures,” including domestic partner arrangements; and to offer counseling services for students struggling with their “sexual/gender orientation.” Small wonder that GLSEN greeted the NEA task force’s report, and its endorsement by the union, with hosannas. “These powerful new recommendations signal that help is on the way for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and staff who experience day-to-day abuse in America’s schools,” enthused GLSEN head Jennings.

Expunge Heterosexism?!?! In case you don't realize it, that encompasses about 90% of US folks.

And the ACLU is involved too:
"School districts that refuse to go along with the homosexual agenda now must contend with the American Civil Liberties Union, too. The ACLU’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Project has launched a national effort, called “Every Student, Every School,” that plans to sue on First Amendment grounds any school that refuses gay/straight student clubs on its premises. Already, schools in Kentucky and Texas face legal action."

WAKE UP people, learn what they are indoctrinating our children into. TAKE BACK our public schools from the NEA, ACLU, and interest groups such as NAMBLA and GLSEN.

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