August 23, 2005

Now THAT'S a Cluebatting!™

Murdock Online has a post up with the response of Steven Vincent's wife to Juan Cole's online slurring of her dead husbands reputation on August 8, 2005. (4th link down on that days postings)
Linking to merely speculative ramblings from the British press is almost excusable, we've all linked to stories that we may not agree with, just to show all sides of an issue/incident, in fact I linked to the same blather from the Brits in THIS post to make sure everyone gets the whole picture;but Mr. Cole just HAD to add his own (as usual) off the mark and inane opinion to add yet another cut on a dead mans honor.

Lisa Ramaci-Vincent's response is a prime example of how to administer a Cluebat™ to an Idiotarian's skull, and truly a wonder to behold.

No hyperboly, no rant, just a recounting of facts and a well controlled widow's rage directed at the moron that kicked her soul mate when he was no longer around to defend himself.

Ms. Ramaci-Vincent, I salute you and offer my meager condolences on your loss,nay, I grieve for the loss of us all, for we have loss a great voice of Truth.

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