August 30, 2005


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The Maine Vetereans for Peace are planning to stage a protest at the BRUNSWICK NAVAL AIR STATION on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005.

The event they're protesting? An air show by the Navy's Blue Angels Flight Exhibition Team.

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The goal of the Protest? :

. to protest the false god idolatry of the Blue Angels Air Show, whose "ooh-&-aah"performances have one purpose: to promote badly-lagging military recruitment

.to protest the obscene waste of American tax dollars to stage these Blue Angels' multi-million dollar extravaganzas

. to protest Bush's immoral, monomaniacal Iraq war -- nearly 1,800 U.S. and
100,000 Iraqi civilians dead, at a cost of over $300 billion, and still counting

. to protest NASB's complicity with the war machine, providing surveillance aircraft to target ground forces, which in the end cause horrendous "collateral damage"

. to challenge NASB to convert to peaceful purposes, creating good-paying high-tech/industrial jobs, making products that improve lives, not end them

Lets take these one at a time...

1. The Blue Angels are, indeed a good recruiting tool, but that is only part of their mission. They are also an example of excellence in the military, and a good public relations tool, "showing the colors" in shows all over the world.
As far as "lagging recruitment figures", thats news to the people doing the recruiting:

Enlisted Recruiting from Oct. 1, 2004 - July 31, 2005:

Componant:Recruited:Goal:% Reached:
Marine Corps 25,00624,491102
Air Force13,54613,425101
Army Nat. Guard 39,30150,90977
Navy Reserve 8,55010,21084
Marine Corps Res. 7,3027,283100
Air Nat. Guard7,0118,44683
Air Force Res.7,2766,439113

Lets look at JUNE,2005, the last month that statistics are availible for:

Marines 3,5053,609103
Air Force2,0872,099101

Active duty retention: All services met or exceeded their overall retention goals for July and are projected to meet their retention goals for the current fiscal year.

Reserve forces retention: For July,2005, Army National Guard retention was 105 percent of the cumulative goal of 27,664, and Air National Guard retention was 109 percent of its cumulative goal of 8,552.
(in other words, THOSE that are serving are STAYING)

Yep! It's a TOTAL MELTDOWN!, I tell ya!

2. The Blue Angels shows are payed for by the air show sponsors, NOT the tax payers.

The sponsers have to come up with enough cash to pay for the food and lodging of the entire Blue Angel team plus the fuel costs for flying all of the aircraft, including Fat Albert (the team's parts and maintenance supply/ support transportation C-130 transport),to the site of the show.

3. OK, this might be a legitimate place to is a military installation, and if your of the opinion that the war is bad, a legitimate target.

4. Again, if you are anti-military; what better place to protest than a NAS, Fort, or Base? Don't be too surprised if your seen to be the loony moonbat that you are though, turnabout IS fair play. As far as protesting the NAS from providing survellience aircraft...THAT.....IS......THEIR......MILITARY.........MISSION (did I say that slow enough for them to understand?) And that survellience helps PREVENT collateral damage, NOT increase it. When you start making inane statements, EXPECT to be called a fool.

5. THIS is the looniest one of them all. IT"S a NAVAL AIR STATION, take the military function away and there will be NO jobs whatsoever.
The activities of a military base are not too applicable to most civilian purposes.
So what would you convert it to? A civilian airport for private planes? Thats the ONLY realistic civilian purpose.....are there enough civilian pilot/plane owners to support it?

The Left:"Boosting idiocy to it's highest possible level since 1969"; it's just for Moonbats today.

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