September 08, 2005

"Stars" vs Heroes

Unlike the fine efforts of such luminaries as Kanye West ,Celine Dion,Angelina Jolie, and Sean Penn,Image hosted by; John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston show us TRUE aid for the victoms. Mr. Travolta and his wife flew in over five tons of food and vaccines in his private plane, aided monitarily by Ophra Winfrey.

And I'm proud to say that a hometown hero, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and his brother Eli, of the New York Giants, were in Baton Rouge over the weekend distributing more than 14kt of emergency supplies, including diapers and bottled water.

I would ask one thing to those that say the media ISN'T biased against President Bush and take note of the coverage given between those that have nothing but Bushhate, and those like Travolta and Peyton that have rolled up their sleeves and contributed in MEANINGFUL ways to the relief efforts.

In the meantime, I give my utmost respect for these public people that have the means, and are using them for the greater good.

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