September 11, 2005

DNC Briefing

While perusing the posts at His Most Viciousness, Emperor Darth Misha 1, I realized in reading the comments that one of the Loyal Citizens of the Empire had managed to abscond with some notes from the DNC BashBush Spin Council™. (if Sandy Berger can do it so can we!)

I thought that they deserved to be broadcast to a wider audience, so I stole borowed them to put up here (beats writing my own satire, anyway:)).

Take it away Rev. Mike!

(Let’s keep this just between us)

It is now just ten days since Katrina struck the Gulf coast. Untold thousands of the poor and downtrodden members of society died in this catastrophe while hundreds of thousands more languish in temporary shelters across this nation. But all ready something ugly and vile is threatening our ability to capitalize on this human tragedy.
Recently it has become apparent to me that certain rogue elements in the mainstream media, as well as cable news and Internet Bloggers are determined to derail our righteous efforts to destroy the Bush Administration by deliberately and recklessly reporting the facts.
I cannot stress this enough; we cannot, we must not, we will not allow the facts to get between us and what we know to our very core, is right.
Here is what I see as some of our biggest hurdles and some solutions:

1.Lt. General Honore. This charismatic and capable African-American must be discredited immediately! This Race-traitor’s continued and fervent defense of the Federal response must not be allowed to continue. He must quickly and effectively be painted with the same brush we have used on Condaloser Rice and Collin (clever epithet not currently available) Powell. I recommend we put Al and Jesse on this ASAP.

2.We must, with all due haste, ratchet up our Rhetoric and disinformation machine. Remember, a half-truth in our favor is morally superior to the actual truth if it favors or enemies. Example: The USS Bataan, a Navy hospital ship, to this day sits off the coast of New Orleans with hundreds of empty hospital beds! It in no way helps our cause to mention that the reason for this is that as early as last Tuesday the Medical personnel were move into the city where they could do the most good.

3.A Total lie in our favor is also morally superior to a truth that benefits our enemies. Example: Randall Robinson posted an article in The Huffington Post in which he stated that it had been reported that “ black survivors had begun eating corpses to survive”. The ONLY thing Randal did wrong was to post this morally superior article a mere four days after the tragedy. Had he waited, he may not have had to retract it.

Which brings me to my final and most important point.

4.Race, race, race, race, race! This is our strongest and most easily defensible weapon. Remember, Racism never has to be proved, only alleged. Kudos to Kanye, Diddy, Jayzee, Al, Jesse, and all the rest. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels. As more and more facts come to light we need to fight back and hammer those racist bastards mercilessly. If the artificially maintained racial divide in this country is ever healed we are completely screwed as a movement.

Well that’s a start folks. Its time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Obfuscation and misrepresentation are not easy tasks, but it beats having to actually be right, and they are our best weapon against the racist, warmongering, puppy killing, Nazi Right.


Now to all those good folks out there; compare the above with whats being broadcast on the public airwaves.......(How DID one of ours infiltrate the DNC?!?)

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