September 12, 2005

Pass the Meat, dear.

Holy Frankenmeat Batman! Seems that researchers believe it may soon be possible to "grow" meat products indistinguishable in taste and texture from the "natural" thing on a commercial scale within the next ten to twenty years.

I grew up with the "soymeat factories" of science fiction, so the idea isn't that outlandish to me. The fact that it is "real" MEAT rather than a plant protien flavored to resemble meat makes it all the more palatable to me. I'm a huge carnivore type eater, so this comes as good news to me.

I don't know if it will be the same as "chewing off the bone", but then, we all have to make some sacrifices in the interest of "Mother Gaia", don't we?

One thing I find amusing is that it would remove one of the main objections of the vegatarians, we would no longer be "inhumanely exploiting" our fellow creatures. And with the manipulation of the types of fatty acids produced being possible in "frankenmeat", it would make it actually make meat a lot healthier to consume, not to mention the vast reduction in agricultural pollution that could be gained.
It even helps in the goal of reducing oil consumption. Sounds like a winner of an idea all around;now if they can just solve that problem of the caveman in us liking the experience of gnawing the meat off of a well cooked rib or chicken leg bone......

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I talked about this over at Swerve Left, but to repeat it here, can you imagine the implications of this. We could eat ourselves! Or famous movie stars could clone their cells and market them as meat lines. This is definitely a fecund area for lewd jokes.

Posted by: Karlo at September 17, 2005 03:56 PM
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