September 17, 2005


The Wall Street Week in Review show has a feature they term the "Tony" and "Tacky" of the week wherin the telejournalists put up their pick of what was best and worst in the past week. I thought I might try my hand at this, and my first effort is one huge TACKY on the part of the German SPD Party.

I found this via Davids Medienkritik:"We didn't think German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's SPD (or any other major Germany political party) would fall this low during the election campaign. We have learned that one of Gerhard Schroeder's senior ministers and a top SPD man in eastern Germany, Rolf Schwanitz, is using the following poster in an attempt to win votes":

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SPD Campaign Poster, caption reads: "She (Merkel) Would Have Sent Soldiers"

As David says:"This is truly sick. How could anyone exploit the images of fallen American soldiers in flag-draped coffins for political gain. Haven't those soldiers earned the right not to be exploited by some European politician?"

I have to say that while I'm repulsed by this, I have to admit that our own Left has sunk to almost the same low state, when you consider the credence they give to such as "Mother" Sheehan; if we allow our own to get away unopposed, can we really be surprised when a foreign polititian thinks it is fair game? Yes, I know that the storm against "Mother" is pretty intense in the blogosphere, but how much of that opposition is ever demonstrated in the MSM?

This is part and parcel of what the Left just "doesn't get" when we on the center right contend that you can't "support the troops" and loudly bash Bush on the war at the same time without providing aid and comfort to the enemy, inevitably, that (at least perceived) aid is evident even to those that are nominally our allies. Too bad it never comes to recognition by those that foment it.

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"Too bad it never comes to recognition by those that foment it."

Well, at least that politician was successfully pressured to take down that poster on Saturday. Not only Medienkritik, but many other blogs and the MSM criticized him.

Posted by: JW at September 20, 2005 12:09 PM
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