September 19, 2005

Dog Shoots Man

THIS story is just too easy for punch favorite so far is "guns don't kill people, DOGS with guns kill people"

I'd say this Fido would make a great recruit for the Marines...wonder how he'd do with a full auto weapon?
Image hosted by Fido continued the hunt and bagged his own bird, said "Hell NO" when he was asked to give it to the Fish and Wildlife officer, on the basis that his license didn't cover actually doing the shooting...."ask the last guy what happened when he asked for my dinner, now get out of my face!"

All joking aside though, this story demonstrates the total lack of knowledge of the average journaljismer....#1, who the hell hunts birds with buckshot?!?, and #2...I've never seen a rifle yet that could fire either bird shot or buckshot. Yet we're supposed to give credence to a sloppy reporter like this when he writes a story about our 2nd Amendment rights?!?

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