October 02, 2005

Mama, I WANT one!

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Chrysler's Wolfgang Bernhard motors along the stage aboard the Dodge Tomahawk V-10, 8.3-liter (505 cubic inch) concept motorcycle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 6th. The Tomahawk features four-wheel independent suspension, and the superbike's engine can propel it at speeds of nearly 400 mph.

500 bhp (372 kW) @ 5600 rpm (60.4 bhp/liter) Torque: 712 Nm @ 4200 rpm
8277 cc, V 10-cylinder (90-degree), liquid-cooled
356-T6 aluminum alloy block with cast-iron liners, aluminum alloy cylinder heads
Bore x Stroke: 102.4 x 100.6 mm
Two pushrod-actuated overhead valves per cylinder with roller-type hydraulic lifters
Sequential, multi-port electronic fuel injection with individual runners
Compression Ratio: 9.6:1
Max Engine Speed: 6000 rpm
Fuel Requirement: Unleaded premium, 93 octane
Oil System: Dry Sump; takes 8 quarts Mobil1 10W30 Synthetic
Cooling System: Twin aluminum radiators mounted atop engine intake manifolds, force-fed from front-mounted, belt-driven turbine fan. Takes 11 quarts of antifreeze.
Exhaust System: Equal-length tubular stainless steel headers with dual collectors and central rear outlets


Outboard, single-sided parallel upper and lower control arms made from polished billet aluminum. Mounted via ball joint to aluminum steering uprights and hubs. Five degrees caster. Single, fully adjustable centrally located coil-over damper (2.25-inch coil with adjustable spring perch); pullrod and rocker-actuated mono linkage. Center-lock racing-style hubs


Hand-fabricated box-section steel inboard swing arms, incorporating "hydral-link" lockable recirculating hydraulic circuit parking stand. Single fully adjustable centrally located Koni coil-over damper (2.25-inch coil with adjustable spring perch); pushrod and rocker-actuated mono linkage. Center-lock racing-style hubs


20-inch perimeter-mounted drilled machined stainless steel rotors, one per wheel. Two four-piston fixed aluminum calipers per wheel (16 pistons total), custom designed. Blue anodized caliper finish. Hand-activated.


20-inch perimeter-mounted drilled cast-iron rotors, one per wheel. One four-piston fixed aluminum caliper per wheel (8 pistons total), custom designed. Blue anodized caliper finish. Foot-activated.

0-100 kph: 2.5 seconds (est.)
Top Speed: 300+ mph (est.) (over 485 kph)

Length: 102 inches (2590 mm)
Width: 27.7 inches (704 mm)
Height: 36.9 inches (938 mm)
Wheelbase: 76 inches (1930 mm)
Seat Height: 29 inches (737 mm)
Weight: 1,500 lbs. (682 kg)
Track, Front: 8.75 in
Track, Rear: 10 in
Weight Dist: 49F/51R
Ground Clearance: 3 in (75 mm)
Fuel: 3.25 gallons (15 liters)

Alternator: 136-amp high-speed
Battery: Leak-resistant, maintenance-free 600 CCA
Lighting: Headlights consist of 12 five-watt LEDs, front, with beam-modifying optics and masked lenses. Eight LEDs, rear. Headlamps articulate with wheels.

TRANSMISSION: Manual, foot-shifted two-speed
Aluminum-cased two-speed, sequential racing-style with dog ring, straight-cut gears
Gear Ratios: 1st 18:38; 2nd 23:25
Clutch: Double-disc, dry-plate with organic friction materials, hand lever actuated with assist
Final drive: Dual 110-link motorcycle-style chains

Front Sprockets: 14 teeth
Rear Sprockets: 35 teeth

Longitudinal, centrally mounted engine, rear-wheel drive layout; monocoque construction, engine is central, stressed member. Body of billet aluminum.

Dual hub center type steering.
Steering Linkage: Rocker arm and push/pull rod with roller bearings. Polished billet aluminum steering yoke with turned aluminum grips and billet levers
Steering Lock: 20 degrees, left and right
Lean Angle: 45 degrees, left and right

Type and Material: Billet aluminum discs, asymmetrical
Size, Front (2): 20x4
Size, Rear (2): 20x5

Tyres Manufacturer and Model: Dunlop custom-made symmetrical
Size, Front (2): P120/60R-20
Size, Rear (2): P150/50R-20

The Dodge Tomahawk can go 0 to 100 kph in about 2.5 seconds, and has a theoretical top speed of nearly 640 kph. JUST what I need to go to work...wait, I don't work...I need it to go to the grocery store...yeah, thats my story, and I'm sticking to it!

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Rumors are, Chrysler sold the original Tomahawk concept and nine replicas for up to $555,000 each. Wonder if that would be covered under an "anti-depression theraputic device" expense by SSD?

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