October 09, 2005


Yep Iraq is a QUAGMIRE. The MSM tells us this every day. THEY say that we've boosted Al Qaeda's forces,and they're growing stonger every day. But is it true?
HERE'S a recent briefing by Colonel Robert Brown, Commander of The 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, Multinational Force-Northwest

Here's the interesting part:

One of the great pieces of information we got recently is 80 percent of the al Qaeda network in the north has been devastated. And those are not our figures, those came from the last six leaders in Mosul , al Qaeda leaders that we captured; they informed us of that. We also had a letter that was captured from Abu Zaid (sp) going to Zarqawi . We recently killed Zaid (sp) and we had that letter, and it also talked about the desperate situation for the al Qaeda and the insurgents in Mosul and in the north. And then also, sources we have inside the al Qaeda network up here have also informed us of that. (emp. mine D)

We ARE gaining ground in Iraq, WE ARE beating the "Insurgants" Islamofacists in Iraq. DON"T let the MSM do as they did in Viet Nam and make us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by fomenting a lack of will, and a resolve to win, in the American populace.

DO NOT let 1800+ soldiers have their final sacrifice be wasted because of unwarrented fear and misinformation. The fight is not over, there will be furthur sacrfices and hardships, but we can see that our actions are having their desired effect, and if we can maintain our resolve, we will overcome the enemy.

H/T to Misha at the Rottweiler for the link

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