October 20, 2005

LSM at it Again

Pretty soon, THIS may become a new "major incident of atrocity" on the part of American troops, at least in the LSM. It's another example of "unbiased" reporting linking various semi-connected facts in an unpalatable to American sensibilitites manner; a in an intended attempt to cause public opinion to be swayed against the course of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you want to know the REAL chain of events, go read Jason Coleman's excellant explanation of what really occurred.

An unfettered press is a necessity in a free society, but with that freedom comes the responsibility to "stick to the facts" and not use that power in furthuring a personal or corporate agenda. And it's a citizens responsibility to hold the press to just reporting the news and not manipulating it, unfortunately, all too often, the citizens have become unquestioning and uncritical sponges of what they read and see. Remember folks, just because you read it in the paper, or hear it from some talking head on TV, don't take it as the gosple truth, look behind the story and see what the facts and circumstances are and form your own opinion, and don't let the spinners catch you in their web of half truths, and sometimes,outright deceit.

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