November 11, 2005

I'm still alive...

Contrary to some thoughts(wishful thinking?), I'm still alive...I have been fighting a longlived Flu bug and I still don't have a good enough connection for real posting; it just takes too long to load the pages and get the links.

I hope to get a better connection soon, and really look forward to bringing you some good things to jolt the brain cells. In the meantime, give some hits to the other fine blogs on my roll, especially the blog-father, Misha, and that crusty old coot, GuyK, and all the gals keeping Acidmans place going while he tries to recover from some serious shit. Not to mention my favorite student in the Hoosier Blog Alliance, the Foxfrom Vincennes

If your feeling like arguing against a true Progressive, visit Wanda, if you come from my side of the spectrum, you'll find something there that will get your blood flowing strong, but please, be nice when you comment, she's honestly seeking the best for all, according to her own lights; we may not agree with her reasoning, but at least respect her for her honesty and willingness to hear from all sides.

And please,let them know where you came from if they aren't part of your regular blog rounds. I can't seem to stay on long enough to comment on their blogs, and I hope they miss me as much as I do them.

Thank a Veteran today, remember that his/her sacrifices have kept you free.

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