December 10, 2005

Defeatism from the Left

We hear the defeatist blathering of the "Progressive" party from the likes of political hacks such as "YEEEAAARGH!" Dean and Nancy Pelosi (D-Idiotaria), and we can dismiss them out of hand as ultra-partisians furthuring the Progressive agenda.

More troubleing are those that did with honor, Rep. John Murtha(D-PA), and one who, although he spent less time in service than President Bush did in training, and spent most of his frontline experiences writing himself up for paper-cut purple hearts, so as to shorten that time, is stil held up as a "war hero". The progressives point to their medals as proof that they "know what their talking about".

When John Murtha (34 year Marine Corp. veteran, bronze star/V recepient) says "it's time to pull them out", he is a voice that you should listen to....except for the fact that his appraisal of the situation and his considering the morale/condition of our troops as "broken" despite all evidence to the contrary shows him to be totally non-conversant with the reality of the condions in Iraq.

When Sen. John Kerry (4month VN vet, 3PH's) says "we should not have our soldiers terrorizing Iraqi kids and children, and , uh, women, in their homes", we should just consider the source and ignore it...except that he has used his "war record" (but STILL won't release his personell records) to such great effect that the Progressives still maintain his "hero" status affords his words weight.

Even according these people all the respect due to their prior service, that service was in a distant time and under diffferent conditions....

If the Left is so enamored of the weight of words of a bemedaled combat veteran as to what course we should take in Iraq, GO HERE for the opinion of a recently separated Sgt., with two combat tours in Iraq;who holds a Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and Conspicuous Service Cross (New York states highest combat valor award), and who has been nominated for the Medal of Honor by his leadership, and has been nominated for the Distinguished Service Cross.
A man who's actions in Fallujah, Iraq were documented in the November 22, 2004 cover story “Into the Hot Zone” by award winning journalist Michael Ware. Think he's qualified to make an opinion as a war hero? (rhetorical question...since his opinion runs counter to the Progressive agenda, no doubt they will dismiss him out of hand as yet another "brainwashed robot" of the mighty forces of HaliburtonBushCheneyCO.)

Here's just a taste (and as our Emperor, the Mighty Darth Misha 1 has stated, this is more than just a MUST read, it is a REQUIRED (upon pain of going to the Imperial Dungeon Game Room for disregardal) read.:

"As an infantryman whose boots are still caked with blood and dust from Iraq, I am at a loss to understand what Representative John Murtha (D-PA) was thinking when he recently delivered his defeatist comments about our military efforts.".......

"Rather than acknowledging the vital mission being carried out by the troops, the Democratic leadership prefers to disparage our efforts. My fellow soldiers are not appreciative of Senators Kennedy and Kerry’s daily attempts to uncover mistakes made by this administration as we come under fire thousands of miles from our homes. In the era of the digital satellite, these senators never consider the bigger picture, and have put us on trial for executing a war as it unfolds."

"Former administrations ignored the present danger in this region for years before 9/11, and today we in the trenches pay the price for our past inability to confront our enemies. Each day, the enemy hopes that one more ten-plus death toll inflicted against coalition forces will be the last straw of the American collective will. The actions of Kerry, Kennedy, Dean, et al.—voting against the immediate pullout of the troops and then supporting Murtha’s ignorant remarks on every television program that offers an invitation—constitute a political attack on the troops, an attack that is aiding our enemy."

("an attack that is aiding our enemy" WHAT was that definition of treason again??) (I do recall that aiding the enemy in time of war seems to be in there somewhere...)
Go read the rest.....NOW.

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I'm disgusted that a Marine like Murtha would break his bond of trust by betraying the faith of fellow Marines then become Pelosi's puppet and perform an act of treason. But then again Murtha is in good company.

Posted by: Jack at December 11, 2005 04:28 AM
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