December 12, 2005

"Hate" Crimes Legislation

I was reading the paper today when I came across a full page ad saying;

"We were worth more under the law as homosexuals than we are as EX-homosexuals" over a picture of four people that, I presume, were non-practicing gays.

It went on to show how the law has turned a blind eye to blatently illegal acts committed by homosexual activist groups, and prosecuted anti-homosexual protestors, even though the protesters had acted lawfully in their actions.

Leaving aside wether or not you can ever be an "ex-gay", (that's a WHOLE different conversation!) the fact remains that under the new proposed "hate crimes" legislation, IF it is promulgated, that there will be a tiered system of justice in this country assigning extra emphasis against those that commit crimes against certain minorities just on the basis of a victim being a member of a racial or sexual minority.

We have to ask ourselves, do we REALLY want this? Some states have already gont this route, but this legislation would elevate it to the federal level, and in effect make it so that all the states will have to conform to a tiered justice system.

My own opinion is that this is one of the most insidious, anti-American, "PC" pieces of crap that has come down the pike.

To my mode of thinking, ALL violent crimes are hate crimes; assigning an extra emphasis to some crimes just because the victim happens to belong to a different race or sexual preferrance from the attacker is the epitome of anthesis of the Constitutional ideal of equality under the law.

Yes, I am aware that in practical practice, the law has not and IS not always dealt equally with all defendants, but this legislation only serves to codify this inequity, not redress it. Past injustices are not an excuse to codify injustice into the law today. Under the Constitution, the law should be color/sexual preferenceblind; lets work to make that theory the true reality.

Contact your Senators NOW, and let them know that if they vote for this type of legislation, that they will be living under it as a private citizen after the next election.

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