December 14, 2005

An Education in Cluebatting

Navywxman waxes poetic on communism, and furthur contends that there has never been a TRUE Communist state; that they were all run by Right wing governments.

Go read it to observe a true MOONBAT IDIOTARION in full voice.

Odysseus, true to form, gives the MI a righteous Cluebatting of Truthâ„¢ in the comments. And he did it with no hyperboly, just clear basic history, something that Navywxman seems to aquire only from the ISWP.

You need to go read it. Odysseus does it right. All too often, we on the right resort to outrageous hyperboly and labeling (G-d KNOWS I am guilty of that!), that while enjoyable, and serving as a safety valve against hypertension in the face of lunacy, doesn't really cause the opponent to have a chance to really learn from the exchange.

To know that such men of calm and studied reasoning as Odysseus are part of our military command structure really gives me a great feeling of peace, knowing that the troops are in good hands.

P.S. yes I KNOW I engaged in just such labeling as I decried in the above, I'M not as eridite, or calm, as Odysseus is. ;)

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Both of them are a wrong, but Navywxman is a quite a bit more wrong than Odysseus.

Communism is an economic structure, not a political one. It's an incredibly stupid, unworkable economic structure, but it's not a form of government.

Therefore you couldn't have a communist state, because such a thing can't exist. You can have a communist economy in a totalitarian state, or a communist economy in a democratic state, or a communist economy in a monarchy. Except that communism doesn't actually work, so none of those is actually possible. But navywxman can have fun trying, as long as it doesn't involve me. I'm a capitalist pig.

The opposite of communism isn't democracy. It's capitalism. it goes like this:

Economic: communism vs. capitalism
Political: democracy vs. authoritarianism/totalitarianism/dictatorship

The Russian states were indeed communist economies. But they were also right-wing fascist governments. So the communist tyrannies failed for two reasons: Communism is dumb, and tyrannies are wrong.

Posted by: Steph Mineart at December 15, 2005 10:52 AM
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