December 18, 2005

Santa Clause

The Lady of the Citidal, Mamamontezz, hasn't been posting too much in the last several months; and thats a real shame, because she has a rare talent for writing and/or finding really great subjects to post about (discounting when she is in her Domme mode).

She had a discussion with the Princess last night about Santa Clause. The Princess is one of those rare 11 year olds that still have a fervent belief in Santa Clause; MamaM tried to tell her how Santa is the ideal in all of us, and that we are each Santa to someone else.

The princess still isn't sure about all of this existential thinking, and still harbors a belief in a jolly old elf with an elven factory and reindeer housing facility in one of the colder regions of the world.

When Mamamontezz got to work, she found an e-mail in her inbox that demonstrates the reality of Santa from one of her friends, and promptly added it as a post on her blog. Please go there now and read it...just be sure to have a hankie ready.

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